PyroSim 2016.1.0412

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Version: 2016.1.0412

April 12, 2016

What's New

This release adds import support for FBX and OBJ files, makes unlimited cluster sizes available for all users, and improves support for devices.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.4.0 and Smokeview version 6.3.6. It uses version 1.8.0_60 of the Java VM.

Changes since PyroSim 2015.4.1214:

  • Updated FDS to version 6.4.0.
  • Updated Smokeview to version 6.3.6.
  • Added import support for FBX files.
  • Added import support for OBJ files.
  • Improved lighting and outline displays of imported objects.
  • When using the Run as Cluster option, PyroSim no longer requires the Unlimited Cluster Add-on to run on more than one additional machine.
  • Sprinklers can now be used to activate other objects by specifying them in a control.
  • Sprinklers, nozzles, sprinkler links, and detectors can now be used as ramp input.
  • Time devices can now be created directly using the New Time Device menu option.
  • Any device that outputs a quantity, such as a gas-phase device or heat detector, can now have an input control specified that freezes the output of that device.
  • Devices now have an Advanced tab to make it possible to add custom records for the DEVC record and the PROP record.
  • VENT, OBST, and HOLE records generated by PyroSim now have an ID to improve integration with custom record entry.
  • Added parser support for the HOLE parameter MULT_ID.
  • Simulations that use MPI will now by default use only one OpenMP thread. This can be edited in the OpenMP Environment dialog.
  • Simulations that do not use MPI will now by default use only two OpenMP threads. This can be edited in the OpenMP Environment dialog.
  • PyroSim now attempts to detect vents that will collapse to a line or point when snapped to the simulation mesh and issue a warning.
  • Mesh cell counts are now displayed in the tree.
  • PLOT3D data output specification has been centralized in the PLOT3D Data dialog and a button has been added to specify common quantity sets.
  • Usability improvements for the Group, INIT Region, and Import dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug where rotated walls were being converted to blocks as a single bounding box rather than a string of smaller blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted surfaces could be replaced with the HVAC surface.
  • Fixed a bug where previously disabled vents were enabled after loading in a newer version of PyroSim.
  • Fixed a bug where custom records from PSM files created by previous versions of PyroSim were sometimes being dropped.
  • Fixed a bug where a single sprinkler connected to a dry pipe would activate without a delay.
  • Fixed a bug where very small floating precision errors in vent locations could cause vents to be ignored by FDS.
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause PyroSim to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where, to copy an angled wall, it was necessary to explicitly select the containing mesh.
  • Fixed a bug where the Open Mesh Boundary command would create vents for disabled meshes.
  • Fixed a bug where CAD import would incorrectly create surfaces of type Adiabatic.
  • Fixed a bug where PyroSim could create duplicate device IDs for statistics objects.
  • Fixed a bug where Viewpoints created with the Roam tool could not be recalled in Smokeview.

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