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Combustion Calculator
Tunnel Critical Velocity Calculator, NFPA 502, 2014
Tunnel Critical Velocity Calculator, NFPA 502, 2017
Tunnel Critical Velocity Calculator, NFPA 502, 2020
D* Calculator
Duct Loss Due to Wall Friction Calculator
Heat Release Rate Calculator from Data
t-square Heat Release Rate Calculator
SFPE Wood Crib Calculator
FED Calculator

Online Calculators UT Fire Research Group
Probabilistic Fire Simulator (PFS) Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
U.S. Fire Dynamics Tools U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG-1824 Page U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission


New Wayfinding Techniques in PyroSim and Supporting Research
Simulation of RiMEA test cases with PyroSim

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