Drawing on a 2D Image

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Created with software version: 2023.1

In this video demo, we will demonstrate creating a Ventus model by drawing on a 2D image. Ventus can import a large number of 2D formats, including: BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, JIF, JPE, PNG, PDF, TIF, TGA, and TARGA.

This video demonstrates drawing on a JPG file. The procedure would be similar for all 2D formats. Resources for replicating this video are given below.

Video showing how to create a Ventus model by drawing on a 2D image.


Our model will be made using two floor plans. The ground floor plan and the floor plan for levels 2-30 are shown below. Note that the first figure includes some key coordinates that we will use when importing and creating the model. Download a ZIP file of the floor plan images at the following link: vnts-gs-example-images.zip

Floor 1
Figure 1. Ground level floor plan for the hotel
Typical Floor
Figure 2. Typical floor plan above ground level
Table 1. Temperature conditions, Winter
LocationTemperature (°F)
Table 2. Temperature conditions, Summer
LocationTemperature (°F)

We thank WPI for sharing this example. It is a building that was used for homework in their evacuation class.