Ramps in Pathfinder

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Created with software version: 2020.1

1. Introduction

This post demonstrates how to use straight and curved ramps in Pathfinder. Straight ramps are supported using the Create Ramp tool, while curved ramps require CAD import and use of the Extract Floor tool.

2. Straight Ramps

Use the Create Ramp tool to create straight ramps between lower and upper landings. The ramp tools function the same as the stair tools. Typically, you will specify the width and then click on both landings. Note that ramps and stairs affect the simulation differently. Ramps do not reduce occupant speeds, while stairs do reduce walking speeds. The video below gives a quick demo.  

3. Curved Ramps

Curved ramps cannot be drawn in Pathfinder and must be imported from a CAD model. Import the CAD model, then use the Extract Floor from Imported Geometry tool. If the ramp was correctly drawn in the CAD model, it will import easily into Pathfinder. The video below gives a quick demo.  

4. More Challenging Curved Ramps

Sometimes the CAD model has segments that may not always align with each other or with the landing floors of the CAD model. In these cases, you will first import each segment using the Extract Floor from Imported Geometry tool. Then, you will need to repair the model and patch the segments together using doors. As you can see in the video, this can take some trial and error to get things to work.

Thanks to Erick Calvo for providing this model.

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