PyroSim 2023.1.0524

Released on May 17, 2023

Product Downloads

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License Manager Downloads

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Release Notes

This release provides stability and performance improvements.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.8.0 and uses version 11.0.16_8 of the OpenJDK Java VM.

Changes since PyroSim 2023.1.0426:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause unparseable number errors in international versions
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using high DPI monitors
  • Fixed a bug that restricted certain characters from Scenario names
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if the user entered an empty mass fraction in the lumped species editor
  • Fixed a bug that could lock lumped species to using lumped_component_only, even if it was disabled
  • Fixed a bug caused by pasting some types of General Surface records
  • Fixed some broken http references
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