PyroSim 2021.4.1201

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Version: 2021.4.1201

December 1, 2021

What's New

This release adds new features and bug fixes.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.7.6 and uses version 1.8.0_302 of the OpenJDK Java VM.

Changes since PyroSim 2021.3.0901:

  • Added support for mathematic controls.
  • Added an option to color appearances by using the object's color. Documentation
  • Added the ability to have duplicate IDs for 3D slices.
  • Added the ability to partition a selection of meshes from the context menu.
  • Added recognition of holes/cavities within imported STL objects.
  • Added orientation to Device Tool Properties dialog.
  • Added an option to exclude unwanted Scenarios when exporting.
  • Added a pre-simulation warning if PyroSim detects no openings to ambient conditions.
  • Improved the display of imported STL objects (e.g. smooth objects now look smooth).
  • Improved support for importing solid STL objects.
  • Updated scientific notation to show the plus sign in the exponent.
  • Updated the Stop and Kill action so that when the user stops the FDS simulation, Results does not pop-up automatically.
  • Updated Device snapping to include the centers of cells and solid faces.
  • Updated FDS input file generation for meshes with transforms to use the more recent transform ID format rather than the legacy mesh number format. Both variations are accepted by import and paste.
  • Updated JRE to version 1.8.0_302
  • Fixed a bug where importing some FBX files might result in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a material that contained a circular reference to another material in its byproducts would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where fire spread rate would persist in the Record View for a vent if the associated surface type was changed from a burner type.
  • Fixed an untranslated heading in Simulation Parameters dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the view option Preview FDS Blocks to incorrectly become enabled when loading legacy PSM files.
  • Fixed a bug where textures might display incorrectly on obstructions that intersect holes.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spray Models dialog displays an incorrect unit of pressure in English mode.
  • Fixed a bug where imported PRES records were not being added.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PyroSim to parse and write thermocouple PROP namelist entries using legacy BEAD_ naming. When importing FDS input files, PyroSim will still accept the legacy thermocouple PROP entries.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause PyroSim to use the bundled version of FDS for simulations after specifying a custom version in Preferences.

Changes to Results:

  • Added gamma correction for improved lighting.
  • In the Occupant Proximity Analysis dialog, increased the time that tooltips remain visible.
  • Updated the default value for anisotropic filtering from 16 to 4.
  • Fixed a bug where FDS slices that span multiple meshes were not being grouped or showing the mesh number in the Navigation View.
  • Fixed a bug where FDS boundary output in multiple-mesh models all indicated they were in Mesh 0 in the Navigation View.
  • Fixed a bug where textures might display incorrectly on PyroSim obstructions that intersect holes with control logic.
  • Fixed typos.

Known Issues:

  • Using a mathematical control as the input source to a deadband control can cause unpredictable FDS behavior.

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