PyroSim 2017.1.0131

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Version: 2017.1.0131

January 31, 2017

What's New

This release includes an updated version of FDS, a new search feature, and bug fixes.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.5.3 and Smokeview 6.4.4. It uses version 1.8.0_112 of the Java VM.

PyroSim 2017.1 uses an updated version of Thunderhead License Manager. Floating license customers should download an updated license manager from the PyroSim download page and install on their license server machine. The license manager installer will replace the old license manager and re-use existing license files. Older versions of PyroSim will continue to work with the updated license manager.

Known Issues:

  • This release has an issue with opening some PyroSim files resulting in an erroneous file corruption message. Also, FDS and Smokeview may not start through PyroSim on computers without mapped drive letters or on operating systems prior to Windows 8 or Server 2012. These issues were fixed in a subsequent maintenance release of PyroSim 2017.1.0209.

Changes since PyroSim 2016.2.0922:

  • Updated FDS from version 6.5.1 to version 6.5.3 (see FDS release notes).
  • Updated Smokeview from version 6.3.9 to version 6.4.4 (see Smokeview release notes).
  • Updated the Java VM from version 1.8.0_101 to version 1.8.0_112 (see Java release notes).
  • Updated license manager software.
  • Removed dependency on wmvcore.dll. PyroSim can now be installed on Server and -N editions of Windows without also installing Windows Media Player.
  • CTRL+F now opens a search dialog that can be used to find objects by name.
  • In the Simulation Parameters dialog, the Additional Fields table now supports namelist PRES.
  • In the PLOT3D dialog, the Pathfinder Quantities reset now enables SOOT VISIBILITY instead of SOOT VOLUME FRACTION to match FDS quantities used by Pathfinder.
  • When moving obstructions, PyroSim now retains the simplest possible geometry type, preventing the geometry editor tab from becoming complicated unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a bug where MPI runs used an incorrect path when blank spaces were present in the run location folder name.
  • Fixed a bug where PyroSim incorrectly offered the option to add a CTRL to an HVAC fan.
  • Fixed a bug where the back side of a vent could intercept mouse click selection.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused PyroSim to crash when updating the 3D and 2D views.
  • Fixed a bug where surfaces were sometimes not correctly applied when converting an object to blocks when thickening was turned on.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading legacy PSM files including angled walls.

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