PyroSim 2014.1.0331

Released on March 31, 2014

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This is a maintenance release of PyroSim.

This release includes bug fixes and changes to the way PyroSim handles species.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6.0.1 and Smokeview version 6.1.5. It uses version 1.6.0_45 of the Java VM.

Changes since PyroSim 2014.1.0110:

  • Added support for LES parameter INITIAL_UNMIXED_FRACTION.
  • Predefined species records will now only be added to the FDS input file as needed.
  • All predefined species are now available in PyroSim by default (i.e. they don’t need to be explicitly added).
  • Removed support for temperature boundary condition settings (i.e. Heater/Cooler surface data) on burner surfaces.
  • Quantity HRRPUA now useable only by devices.
  • OPEN, MIRROR, and HVAC can no longer be set as the default surface.
  • HVAC device labels that have no corresponding physical location will no longer be added at the origin.
  • Fixed bug that could cause fuel chemistry data to be added to the FDS input file when using a predefined fuel.
  • Fixed a crash in the material pyrolysis panel that occurred after deleting a material or species.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing particle injection surfaces that don’t specify DT_INSERT.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spray model ramp pressure units to be written written to the FDS input file as pascals rather than bars.
  • Fixed bug that caused PyroSim to specify an active reaction after importing an FDS file without one specified.
  • Fixed a bug where particle size distribution data was lost when loading legacy PSM files.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading legacy files with incorrect radiation absorption units.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when editing smoke detector models.
  • Fixed a bug that caused heat of reaction and water vapor yield to be loaded incorrectly from PSM files created by PyroSim 2012.1 and earlier.
  • Fixed incorrect units for enthalpy of formation in the Edit Species dialog.
  • Fixed an bug that caused PyroSim to revert to FDS5 conventions when importing and exporting particle velocity.
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