PyroSim 2013.1.1122 (Beta)

Released on November 22, 2013

This is a beta release for PyroSim 2013.

This release improves FDS6 integration, adds support for textures in DWG import, and adds graphical support for HVAC elements.

This version of PyroSim is designed for FDS version 6 and Smokeview version 6.1.4. It uses version 1.6.0_45 of the Java VM.


  • Updated FDS to version 6.0.0.
  • Updated Smokeview to version 6.1.4.
  • Updated the Java VM to version 1.6.0_45.
  • Added support for textures when importing DWG files.
  • Added an option to extrude 2D geometry to 3D walls — right-click imported lines.
  • Added graphical support for HVAC nodes and ducts.
  • The copy tool now creates copies of referenced objects. Previously all copies shared referenced objects.
  • The propane reaction is now only added when loading a legacy model, otherwise polyurethane is the default.
  • Vent flame spread origin now defaults to the center of the vent.
  • Added support for FDS6 convention of defining species on the REAC line.
  • Removed the “Generic” particle type. Legacy particles will be loaded as liquid particles.
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