PyroSim 2011.1.1114

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Version: 2011.1.1114

November 14, 2011

What's New

This release fixes two bugs related to PyroSim geometry.

A bug in DXF import was discovered that prevented some triangles with from being imported - leading to missing triangles in the PyroSim model. This bug was fixed and now DXF import is more reliable. The other bug related to an error in the algorithm that allowed rotation of previously axis-aligned geometry at angles that made it no longer axis-aligned. This has been fixed and rotating now works as expected.

Changes since PyroSim 2011.1.1103 include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused certain rotations of axis-aligned blocks (obstructions and holes) to be internally converted to shells - causing problems with hole-cutting and conversion to blocks.
  • Fixed a bug with DXF import that caused triangles to be skipped if they used a 4-point definition and the first two points were identical. Previously, only the last two points were coalesced.

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