PyroSim 2011.1.1031

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Version: 2011.1.1031

October 31, 2011

What's New

PyroSim now includes support for running FDS simulations on a cluster (i.e. simulations can be run using multiple computers).

For very large models, this can reduce simulation run time. The new cluster feature also makes it possible to run models that require too many system resources to be run on a single computer.

Changes since PyroSim 2010.2.1621 include:

  • Improved the toolbar button for launching simulations. One toolbar button is now used to launch simulations. The type of simulation (serial, parallel, or cluster) can be changed by clicking the down arrow at the right of the launch button. This style is also used by the time history results toolbar buttons.
  • When running a parallel or serial simulation, PyroSim will now create a new subfolder which contains the simulation input, output, and a copy of the PSM file used to create the simulation.
  • When running a parallel or cluster simulation, it is now possible to enter a user name and password different from the currently logged in account.
  • The PyroSim material library entry for FOAM no longer includes the parameter REFERENCE_RATE. This parameter changed meanings in FDS version 5.4 and was no longer valid.
  • When running PyroSim on a secondary monitor, editor dialogs will no longer appear (initially) on the primary monitor.
  • HOLE geometry will no longer ignore the Format for Easy Reading preference.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PyroSim to fail to issue a warning when shutting down while an active simulation was running - in cases where the most recently launched simulation had already been terminated.
  • In PyroSim's preferences, the option to format FDS files for easy reading is now based on precision rather than a floating point length rule. The number of digits of precision is editable.
  • Users can now enter arbitrary values via table for the MISC, TIME, DUMP, RADI, SURF, MATL, REAC, and PART namelists. The editors for these record types now contains an Advanced tab which gives access to this feature.
  • Added options to the FDS menu to help archive and restore FDS simulation results.
  • By default, the Record View will no longer word wrap. This can be re-enabled via an option on the View menu.
  • PyroSim will now detect the video adapter and attempt to optimize display preferences.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented import for surfaces that used MASS_FLUX to emit extra species.
  • The color chooser now remembers recently chosen colors on the palette tab.
  • Changed the default value for particle sampling factor to 1 for massless particles and 10 for particles with mass (previously -1 for all particles).
  • PyroSim will no longer crash if you attach a single sprinkler to a dry pipe.
  • Fixed a locale bug that caused number the number pad decimal mark to always enter a period when using PyroSim.
  • In the Record View, the Additional Records section now uses a fixed-width font.
  • In the Edit Meshes dialog, mesh alignment will no longer be checked for disabled meshes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PNG format images from working properly in the Background Image dialog.
  • Selection in the manager dialogs will now be mirrored in PyroSim's main view.
  • In dialogs that support the FDS preview pane, the preview pane is now re-sizable.
  • In addition to the Del key, the Backspace key will now delete the currently selected object.

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