PyroSim 2008.2.1117

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Version: 2008.2.1117

November 17, 2008

What's New

PyroSim x64 Edition Now Available!

Users with 64-bit operating systems can now download an entirely 64-bit version of PyroSim and FDS. This version is able to access memory beyond the 2 GB limit imposed by 32-bit Windows. This version will be particularly useful for individuals who model large structures such as stadiums or want to import complex DXF models. The 64-bit version of PyroSim includes a 64-bit version of FDS, MPI, and parallel FDS.

PyroSim now includes FDS version 5.2.3 and Smokeview version 5.2.7. For more information, please read the FDS release notes , and the Smokeview release notes.

Bug Fixes and New Features:

  • The installer will automatically add Windows Firewall exceptions for parallel (MPI) simulations. This will prevent a warning message from being displayed on the first parallel run.
  • The library glew32.dll is now included with PyroSim's distribution of Smokeview. This was previously omitted and could cause Smokeview not to run.
  • The installer will no longer require .NET be installed in addition to PyroSim - this dependency has been removed.
  • When viewing results, textures will now be displayed by default.
  • Fixed a bug with the FDS Run dialog that sometimes prevented FDS processes from being properly terminated when the Kill button was clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that cause PyroSim to interfere with double-click application launching. PyroSim will no longer cause a long double-click launch delay.
  • Fixed bug that caused pasted unsupported records to be lost.
  • Updated the GE1 file writer to respect object-specific colors, rather than forcing any face with a particular surface type to use that surface's display information. Texture information is preserved even if object-specific colors are used.
  • Updated the GE1 file writer to enable transparency in Smokeview's CAD view
  • Changed the default port used by PyroSim's MPI installation to avoid conflict with other MPI installations on the same machine.
  • Fixed a bug with the Background Image and DXF Import dialogs that could cause the 3D system to become unresponsive on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug with the simulation progress monitor that caused PyroSim to crash while running a simulation.
  • PyroSim will now automatically use the maximum available system memory. Previously this had to be modified using the -mem launcher argument.
  • The DXF import dialog now shows statistics for supported and unsupported entities.
  • Fixed a bug in DXF import that caused imported geometry to become incorrectly offset if the units were changed.
  • Fixed a bug in DXF import that caused entities behind BLOCK or INSERT elements to be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug in DXF import that caused layer transforms to be ignored.
  • Changed the default value of MATL_CONDUCTIVITY to 0.0, the default value of MATL_DENSITY to 0.0, and the default value of MATL_SPECIFIC_HEAT to 0.0 to match new defaults in FDS.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the non-uniform mesh table to be incorrectly cleared in the Edit Mesh Dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the recording volume of gas-phase statistics to be saved.
  • Duplicates of hidden vents will now be hidden as well.
  • For particles, a vaporization species can now be specified.
  • For particles, evaporation is now optional for the generic particle type.
  • For extra species, the mass extinction coefficient is now optional.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause PyroSim to crash while editing extra species.
  • Converting non-aligned geometry to blocks will now require less memory but be a bit slower.
  • When using online license activation, PyroSim will now attempt to detect proxy server settings from the system registry.
  • Changed the default value for PART_DROPLETS_PER_SECOND to 5000 and the default value for PART_DT_INSERT to 0.01 to match new defaults in FDS.
  • Updated the way quantities are written to the FDS input file to respect the new FDS 5.2 conventions.
  • Updated users manual to include new registration and troubleshooting information.
  • Fixed a bug in the Edit Meshes dialog that could cause the fields to collapse.
  • Thicken, permit hole, and sawtooth are now editable for triangles.
  • Added validation to prevent creation of 1D vents.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed surfaces with invalid names to be loaded.
  • Fixed a bug in the vent editor that caused the Lies in Plane drop-down box to display incorrectly.
  • In the Mesh editor, a warning will no longer be displayed if the number of cells in the X direction is not of the form by n=2l3k5m. The warning will continue to be shown for cells in the Y and Z directions.

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