PyroSim 2007.2.1315

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Version: 2007.2.1315

January 15, 2008

What's New

PyroSim 2007.2.1315 Release Notes

Changes since PyroSim 2007.1.1204:

  • Copy, translate, mirror, and rotate can now be used on devices. This can be useful when creating arrays of thermocouples and other measurement devices.
  • The examples manual has been updated to include 3 new FDS5 examples.
  • The users manual has been updated to eliminate empty chapters - two new chapters have been added including information on devices and reactions.
  • PyroSim now supports the DELAY option for device activation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PyroSim to crash when deleting a detector, dry pipe, or any quantity-measuring device when the current model also contained sprinklers or nozzles.
  • Vents now support radially spreading fires (SPREAD_RATE).
  • In models with multiple meshes, the Edit Meshes dialog will now warn users when the cells of two adjoining grids don't line up properly or when two meshes overlap (see the FDS Users Guide Section 6.3.3: Mesh Alignment).
  • PyroSim now ships with version 5.1.0 of FDS and version 5.0.7 of Smokeview.
  • PyroSim now uses an updated version of its license protection library which may reduce licensing issues for some customers.

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