PyroSim 2007.1.0925 RC2

Released on September 25, 2007

PyroSim 2007.1.0925 RC2 Release Notes.

New Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused PyroSim to crash when creating the first grid for a model that contained nested empty groups.
  • The Open Legacy PSM File warning now allows users to cancel the Open operation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PyroSim to crash when loading very old models that contained unitless values.
  • Improved performance when deleting objects in large models.
  • Flammable solids with constant HRR from PyroSim 2006, were converted into burner surfaces but are now converted into heater/cooler surfaces.
  • Fixed a tree expansion bug that occurred when the model was reset.
  • Grids can now be selected with the selection box.
  • FDS CSV results that do not include an integer on the first line can now be shown in PyroSim. Results that include the integer can still be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing latching to be handled incorrectly on control and device outputs that are inverted.
  • Updated included FDS version to RC8 rev 697.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PyroSim from importing CTRL records containing AT_LEAST and ONLY records.
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