PyroSim 2007.1.0830 Alpha

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Version: 2007.1.0830 Alpha

August 30, 2007

What's New

We are in the process up migrating the PyroSim from FDS4 to FDS5.

There are enough changes to the simulator that it will require significant changes to PyroSim.

Major changes in FDS 5:

  • Separation of material specification from surfaces. This means you can create different materials and then use them in layers when specifying a surface.
  • A generalization of the concept of devices and sensors (sprinklers, heat detectors, thermocouples, etc.).
  • Increased flexibility and complexity in defining functions that control sprinkler activation and creation or removal of vents or obstructions.
  • Multi-step reaction that can describe phenomena such as local extinction and CO production.
  • Detailed changes in most of the FDS 5 input parameters.

New features in PyroSim 2007:

  • Support for parallel processing on dual- and quad-core computers. PyroSim will install the required MPI (Message Passing Interface) modules and transparently run in parallel on multi-core processors.
  • Conversion of existing FDS 4 models to FDS 5.
  • Conversion of PyroSim 2006 models to PyroSim 2007 for FDS 5 models.

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