Pathfinder 2021.2.0512

Pedestrian movement clarity without complexity

Version: 2021.2.0512

May 12, 2021

What's New

This release adds new features and bug fixes.

Changes since Pathfinder 2021.1.0224:

  • Added queue objects consisting of paths and services that can be used for more complex behavior in airports, amusement parks, concert venues, etc.
  • Added Whole Word and Case Sensitive options to the find dialog.
  • Added ability to navigate to a selected occupant's movement group.
  • Added ability to edit Profile and Behavior distribution for any selection of occupants (previously this was only available for Occupant Groups).
  • Improved the robustness for handling navigation mesh errors with regards to doors.
  • Fixed a bug where assigning a new movement group to agents already in a movement group did not remove agents from the old group.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting the references of a behavior would not select the change behavior actions that reference it.
  • Fixed a bug where door wait times were not properly accounted for in local door choice (aka Locally Quickest).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the simulator to crash when running in SFPE mode with limited occupancy elevators.
  • Fixed typo in Open menu.
  • Occupant Randomization option is now greyed out unless occupants are selected.
  • Updated bundled JRE from version 8u265b01 to version 8u282b08.

Changes to Results:

  • Added proximity tracing analysis based on EXPOSED: An occupant exposure model for confined spaces to retrofit crowd models during a pandemic (Ronchi, et al.).
  • Fixed a bug where the invisible back side of an FDS mesh might be selected when clicking the scene.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor crosshairs would not properly track the cursor in right-to-left languages.
  • Results no longer stores temporary FDS preview files in the most recently used menu.
  • Updated wxWidgets to 3.1.4.

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