Pathfinder 2018.2.0329

Released on March 29, 2018

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This release adds support for behavior switching, improvements to results visualization, and support for the latest PSM files.

This version of Pathfinder uses version 1.8.0_162 of the Java VM.

Changes since Pathfinder 2018.1.1220:

  • A behavior action can now be used to switch to other behaviors based on statistical distributions.
  • Added support for PSM files created by PyroSim 2018.1
  • Detailed occupant output can now be collected into a single CSV file rather than one per occupant.
  • When using FDS output to calculate FED, a hypoxia threshold can now be specified to prevent slow accumulation of FED due to low-oxygen hypoxia in non-hazardous conditions.
  • When calculating FED, FED no longer accumulates for occupants outside an FDS mesh.
  • Improved adherence to specified distributions when distributing profiles and behaviors to small numbers of occupants.
  • When creating movement groups, can now choose to leave some occupants out of groups.
  • Fixed door switching bug when minimum flowrate is set to 0.
  • Fixed a bug where Z locations of occupants in elevators weren’t being tracked in occupant CSV file.
  • Fixed a bug where materials with a texture and opacity less than 100% appear opaque instead of translucent.

Changes to Results:

  • Objects in the Pyrosim geometry file now appear and disappear based on FDS control logic.
  • Improved shading of occupants. Clothes look “cleaner” and occupants brighter.
  • Hardware accelerated occupant display now works on Intel GPUs for improved performance.
  • Hardware accelerated occupant display is now available for newer AMD drivers – previously some updated AMD drivers required software rendering.
  • Improved object outline visibility when using transparency.
  • Boundary quantities are no longer shown over OPEN vents.
  • Mesh outline visibility is now enabled by default.
  • Slice vectors thickness can now be increased to support high resolution screenshots.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when there was only one isosurface.
  • Fixed bugs that could cause missing display of boundary quantities when using multiple meshes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if manually hidden obstructions were activated via control logic.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause errors when opening FDS results if the SMV file contains certain non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed a bug where a boundary quantity for an activated obstruction might show at the wrong time.
  • Fixed a bug where materials with a texture and opacity less than 100% appear opaque instead of translucent.
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