Pathfinder 2011.1.1128

Released on November 28, 2011

This release contains a bug fix for users in locales that use the "," (comma) character as the decimal character.

This bug affects the "_doors.csv" and "_rooms.csv" output files. This bug does not affect users in locales that use "." (period, full stop) as the decimal character.

Because the CSV file writer was locale-sensitive but the reader was not, commas in the time column of both CSV files could be incorrectly interpreted as a column break and incorrect data could be displayed in Pathfinder’s 2D results.

This fix forces the CSV file writer to use an English locale when creating the file. Any existing CSV files that were affected will still contain the error. To repair output files, these simulations must be re-run. Alternately, the CSV output files can be manually repaired.

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