Pathfinder 2011.0.0210 (Beta)

Pedestrian movement clarity without complexity

Version: 2011.0.0210 (Beta)

February 10, 2011

What's New

Pathfinder 2011 is now available for beta testing.

This version includes our new Locally Quickest path selection algorithm and an improved exit specification model. This version has not been run against our V&V test set and is not recommended for "real world" use.

If you test out the beta version of Pathfinder, even for just a few minutes, please visit the forum and share your experience or send an email to to let us know how it went (even if you found no problems).

New Features:

  • A new "locally quickest" path selection system prevents undesired imbalances in door usage.
  • Occupants can now exit from any subset of the exits in the simulation model (previously all-or-one).
  • 3D results now includes an additional time display mode, showing total seconds.
  • 3D results now includes a display of the number of occupants that have exited at the current time.
  • Simulations will no longer begin if critical errors are detected prior to launch.
  • When deleting referenced objects, the delete action can now be undone.
  • Imported geometry is now stored in an "Imported Geometry" group in the tree.
  • Drag-and-drop now works in the tree.
  • It is now possible to add ramps, using a mechanism similar to the stair tools.
  • Rooms, ramps, and stairs can now be merged together.
  • Imported geometry can now be added to an existing model.

Known Issues:

  • SFPE mode with and without collisions enabled exhibits a "whipsaw" (indecisive) motion that indicates local path estimation varies wildly between path recalculation attempts.
  • In cases similar to the first example shown in the first Locally Quickest post, this version of Pathfinder will not balance door use as effectively as the version used to create the video in that post. We've tried to adjust the parameters used in the steering mode to also work with the SFPE mode. This approach was a dead end (e.g. the previous known issue) and we are looking in to alternative ways to implement this feature that will work well for both modes.

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