Pathfinder 2009.1.0306 RC2

Released on March 6, 2009

This release fixes an installer bug in Pathfinder 2009.1 RC1.

The installer shared an MSI “Upgrade Code” with PyroSim. As a result, the Pathfinder 2009.1 RC1 install will corrupt any existing PyroSim 2008 installs. Also, attempting to re-install PyroSim 2008 will fail until Pathfinder 2009 is removed. We have fixed the Pathfinder upgrade code and future installs of Pathfinder will not interfere with PyroSim. If your PyroSim installation has been damaged by Pathfinder 2009 RC1, you can restore both PyroSim and Pathfinder to working condition by following these steps:

  1. Uninstall Pathfinder 2009.1 RC1
  2. Install the latest version of PyroSim. For a link to the PyroSim download page, please email
  3. Install Pathfinder 2009.1 RC2

Removing PyroSim or Pathfinder will not remove existing software license files. Previous versions of Pathfinder are not affected by this bug.

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