Pathfinder 2009.1.0126 (Beta)

Released on January 26, 2009

This release addresses a few issues reported against the previous Beta update and adds some new 3D human models. Additional documentation will now be accessible via the start menu.

Bug fixes and New Features:

  • Walls added using the Add a Thin Wall tool will now be added to the simulation.
  • The 3D Results now uses a more diverse, business-like set of 3D models.
  • A console window will no longer be displayed when running Pathfinder.
  • The Start Menu link for 3D Results is fixed.
  • Hardware skinning in 3D Results has been fixed – previously the lib/shaders folder was missing from the installation.
  • The Technical Reference and Users Guide have been added to the installation.
  • Pathfinder will now show an error dialog when old PSM files cannot be loaded.
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