PyroSim and FDS Data References

Web Pages:

UMD Burning Item Database (Home Page)
UMD Material Thermal Properties Database
UMD Burning Item Database (Data Sets Index)
NIST Chemistry Webbook
Engineering Toolbox
Chemical Properties and MSDS Sheets
The Dalmarnock Fire Tests: Experiments and Modelling and The Edinburgh Research Archive - Dalmarnock Fire Tests Collection

SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, 5th Edition
Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena, Quintiere
Ignition Handbook: Principles and Applications to Fire Safety Engineering, Fire Investigation, Risk Management and Forensic Science, Babrauskas An Introduction to Fire Dynamics, 2nd Edition - Dougal Drysdale
ISO/TR 12471:2004 Computational structural fire design - Review of calculation models
Cone calorimeter evaluation of wood products - Fifteenth Annual BCC Conference Flame Retardancy 2004 - session 5
Fire performance of hardwood species - Robert N. White USDA, FS, Forest Products Laboratory (PDF)
Fire Safety of Passenger Trains - Phase 1 material evaluation - NISTIR 6132, NIST
Flammability of alternative daily cover materials - Paul A. Kittle, Ph.D. - Rusmer Inc. (PDF)
Flammability of upholstered furniture using the cone calorimeter - Andrew R Coles - University of Canterbury
SWRi Technical Publications
Application of Genetic Algorithms and Thermogravimetry to Determine the Kinetics of Polyurethane Foam in Smoldering Combustion

ASTM Fire and Flammability Standards
NFPA Codes and Standards
ISO TC 92 - Fire Safety
FM Global - Approval Standards
2010 California Fire Code‚ Title 24‚ Part 9 (First Printing)

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