PyroSim Answers

The short answers below provide a basic response to the questions posted. To see the complete response to the question, click the question in the list below.

Activate License?

Input the activation key from your email in the Licensing and Activation window. For floating licenses, follow the link to download the instructions and license manager.


Sign up for a trial evaluation or buy a license to receive an email containing a link to download PyroSim.

Graphics Issues?

You need to make sure you have the most recent drivers for your graphics hardware.


Open the installer file (*.msi) and proceed through the installation wizard. Run the software from the Windows Start menu.

Reduce Sim Time?

There are many ways to reduce the overall computation time. A combination of the computer hardware, operating system and optimizations to the model configuration are all part of a solution.

Update FDS?

This short video shows you how to install the latest version of FDS and Smokeview from the NIST project site and setup PyroSim to use them instead of the versions built into PyroSim.