How do I return a floating license to the Server Pool?

Floating licenses are automatically checked back in to the License Manager's license pool when they are no longer being used by clients. Sometimes however, this process can fail and the license will need to be manually released back to the pool. To do this:

  1. From a computer on the same network as the License Server, open a web browser to http://[HOSTNAME]:5054, where HOSTNAME is the Host Name of the computer running the License Manager. This will bring up the License Manager Web Management Interface.
  2. Click the Status link in the left menu.
  3. Locate the server theng in the ISV Servers table.
  4. Click the theng button in the Server Status column. This will open the status report for the license server.
  5. In the License pool status table, locate the row for the product you are licensing.
  6. Click the usage... button in the Show Usage column.
  7. All currently in-use licenses for the product will be displayed in the License status for ISV theng table.
  8. Click the Remove button in the Click to REMOVE column to return that license to the License Manager's license pool.