How do I install a floating license?

The Thunderhead License Manager is required for floating licenses of Thunderhead products. The license manager maintains a pool of licenses that can be checked out from copies of client software installed anywhere on the network. The license manager must be installed onto one computer that will act as a server for the floating licenses. Multiple program installations can then be configured to use a single floating license server.

To install the License Manager and a floating license:

  1. Download and install the Thunderhead License Manager.
  2. Activate your floating license using the Floating Activation Form.
  3. Open the Windows Explorer to the License Manager installation folder. The default folder for this is C:\Program Files\Thunderhead License Manager, but you may have changed this during installation.
  4. Copy the license file (*.lic) file you received from the Floating Activation Form in to the License Manager installation folder.
  5. In the License Manager installation folder, right-click restart.bat and click Run as administrator.

The License Manager should now read and detect your new floating license. You can now configure your software to use the License Manager by reading How do I configure software to use a floating license?.